On-Site Special Event Services

We are pleased to offer special occasion styling & grooming services for any special event, wedding or party on-site at your home or venue.

These onsite events are priced differently than other onsite services because they require our staff to pack supplies, set up and take time from their regularly scheduled mobile services. All pricing is customized to your event, location and the amount of services being done.

To prepare for your onsite special event we ask that everyone has a clean and fresh face and clean and dry hair. Everyone should be wearing a button or zippered shirt and arrive a few minutes early of the time dictated when your event was planned.

         Although one of the reasons you choose onsite services is to have the utmost flexibility and care on your special day…it is still our job to make sure things are organized, smooth and on time. This requires special planning and your role will be to communicate those plans to your attendants, friends or family joining you that day. Our Concierge staff will be scheduled for your onsite event for either a half day or a whole day with a clear start and end time.

The price of onsite services varies greatly and depends on peak or off peak timing, the amount of services you are requesting and the experience level of the stylists you have selected. In order to provide you an accurate quote, please email the details of your onsite event including location, timing, services and any special requests or details to info@blendville.com

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you on site at your next fun, fabulous, fancy and all-together special event!